Add or Remove Resources from Indexing

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To configure your indexed resources, in the Administration module, go to Xray | Settings | General and click Indexed Resources.

From the Indexed Resources page do the following:

To add resources for indexing:

  1. Select the resource type to index (Repositories | Builds | Release Bundles| Release Bundle V2).

  2. Add Repositories/Builds/Release Bundles from the available resources in Artifactory.

    • For repositories, from the list of available repositories in Artifactory

    • For builds and release Bundles, according to Name or Pattern

  3. Review the list of added resources.

To remove indexed resources:

  1. From the Resources tab, select Add a Resource.

  2. In the list of resources in the right column, select the resources you want to remove from being indexed and click the arrow to move them to the right column.

    This will remove the resources from the list and Xray will stop indexing those resources.

Indexing All Specific Resources

To index all current and any future specific resources, you can add an Include Pattern containing */**


Index Artifacts History and the Xray Data Retention features require Artifactory version 7.33.x and above.