Configure the Watch with the Jira Configuration Profile

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To create a Jira ticket based on validation found in Watch resources, you must add a default Jira Profile. This profile will be used as the default profile to generate all the tickets.


For more advanced configuration, click the Advanced Settings:

  • Ticket duplication

    If you need tickets duplication for every artifact version, select the checkboxes. Most commonly left unchecked.

  • Create tickets by impact path

    This section allows you to create multiple tickets for the same violation or map the violation to a different Jira profiles. The tickets will be created based on the violation impact paths; all the tickets that do not match the mapped impact path will be created in the default profile. See the provided Best Practices for an elaborate example.

  • Create tickets for ignored violations

    If you want tickets generated for ignored violations, turn this feature on. By default, JFrog Xray does not generate tickets for ignored violations.