Configure Webhooks for Working with Xray

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One of the options when configuring Watches is to have them invoke webhooks which are proprietary URLs you can define to perform custom actions as a result of a violation being issued.

Webhooks are configurable in the Administration module under Xray | Webhooks.

To add a webhook, click New Webhook.

xray webhooks.png




Webhook Name

An identifier for the webhook. This is the name that will be used by any Watches that want to invoke the webhook in case of a violation


The URL that this webhook invokes. For details of the payload provided by Xray to the webhook, please refer to Webhook Payload.


A free text description.

Use Proxy

Set the webhook to go through the predefined proxy. For more information, see Managing Proxies.Manage Proxy Servers

Basic Auth

User Name/Password

A username and password as required by the webhook.

Custom Headers

Any custom headers that may need to be added to invoke the webhook.