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Once JFrog Xray is installed, administrators can set and update the following general configurations at any time:

Note: The Onboarding Wizard that is invoked automatically first time you login to the JFrog Platform, will also enable you to configure the Indexed Resources and Database Sync.

Additional advanced settings include:

Xray Configuration File

Xray's configuration parameters are stored in its configuration file which is located at <xray-compose-version>/.env for the Docker compose installation.

Xray Installation Files

The Xray installation files are available in the <xray-compose-version>/bin folder for the Docker compose installation.

Indexing Resources

To avoid a lengthy and intensive analysis processes, Xray does not automatically analyze all the resources in the system but allows you to manually select the repositories, builds and release bundles to be indexed. To configure your indexed resources, see Indexing Xray Resources.