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Ignore rules allow you to whitelist and ignore security violation rules, in order to filter out unwanted violation noise. For example, you might be running Advanced Scans on a testing repository and don’t want these violations to hinder your testing, or you might have instilled strict actions if a violation is found that is a blocker for continuing your development. You want to ignore the specific violation for the time being.

There are many reasons why you might want to ignore a violation, you can read more about it here Ignore Rules.

Ignoring an Exposures Violation:

  1. In Scans List, select the repository and artifact you want to view violations for.

  2. In the Policy Violations tab, select the Exposures violation you want to ignore. Exposures violations ID is indicated with an EXP prefix.

  3. Click on the menu on the right side of the violation, and select Ignore Violation.


    The create Exposure Ignore Rule window appears.

  4. Choose a combination of the ignore criteria depending on your needs.

Ignore Rule


Based on the Exposure

Exposure Scanner

Ignores all violations for the specific scanner. Take note, if this is checked, all exposure violations related to this scanner will be ignored.

For any Exposure of the following categories

Ignores all violations of the specific exposures category. If all categories are selected, no violations will be created for Exposures for the specified scope in the ignore rule.

Based on file path

Specific File path

The rule will be applied on the specific path within the specified artifact scope.

For any file

The rule will be applied for any file path within the specified artifact scope.

Based on Artifact

Artifact name selected current version

The rule will be applied on the specific artifact for that specific version of the Docker image.

Artifact name selected any version

The rule will be applied on the specific artifact for all versions of the Docker image.

For any Artifact

The rule will be applied on all artifacts that contain that violation in the Docker image.

Managing, deleting and other Ignore Rules related actions are described in Ignore Rules.IGNORE RULES