Manually Update a Jira Ticket

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To manually update a Jira ticket:

  1. In the Application tab, navigate to a violation on one of the following pages:

    • Artifactory > Builds

    • Artifactory > Artifacts

    • Scans List > Repositories

    • Scans List > Builds

    • Scans List > Release Bundles

    • Watch Violations

  2. Click the vulnerability ID that already has a Jira indication, and in the window that appears on the right, click the action button (three dots) and click Update a Jira.

  3. In the Update a Jira Ticket window:

    1. If there are multiple tickets, click the Jira Ticket Number drop-down to select the ticket to be updated.

    2. Scroll down to the Add Comments field and add relevant comments for the ticket.


      All the other fields are grayed out and cannot be updated.

  4. Click Update.

    The Title and Description are automatically updated based on the current state of the violation.


If you try to update a ticket that has already been deleted, a message is displayed to that effect and you will have the option of creating a new ticket.