Cleaning the tables unused after disabling the Archive Indexing feature (both versions)

How can I disable archive indexing and delete its contents from the tables?

Saleh Samara

The following are steps to delete indexes from your DB and reindex only the necessary mimetypes. Note: As these instructions will result in deletions from your database, avoid the possibility of causing corruptions by taking great care to execute these steps properly:
1. Disable the Archive Indexing feature using the steps in the section above 
2. Shutdown Artifactory 
3. Truncate all contents of archive related tables using the following SQL query:

TRUNCATE indexed_archives_entries;
TRUNCATE indexed_archives CASCADE;
TRUNCATE archive_names CASCADE;
TRUNCATE archive_paths CASCADE;

4. Start Artifactory

Optional: Restoring Archive Indexing Data
If you'd like to restore archive indexing data after modifying the mimetypes.xml and cleaning the above tables, you can run the following REST query to calculate your Archives Index:

curl -X POST -uadmin:password https://{server_name}:{port_number}/artifactory/api/archiveIndex/*

You can specify a single repository key or use an asterisk (*) to trigger calculations for all local and cache repositories.

Note: This REST query requires an admin user. Furthermore, this process can be resource intensive. Accordingly, we recommend initiating it when your server(s) is not heavily loaded. We also recommend that you reindex one repository at a time, so as to limit the amount of stress you'll be placing on your system.