How can I disable archive indexing and delete its contents from the tables?

How can I disable archive indexing and delete its contents from the tables?

Saleh Samara

The indexed_archives_entries database table is an index of files contained within archive files, whose content is searchable by conducting an Archive Search (formerly Class Search). When a new archive file is deployed to Artifactory, its contents are indexed and the table is updated. These archive files can be .jar, .war, .zip, or other archive types, as defined in the file:


Entries are deleted from this table whenever an indexed artifact is deleted by Artifactory's garbage collection. Therefore, this table will not hold indexes of non-existing artifacts.
We’ve noticed that in many cases, the archive indexing related table can occupy about 40% of DB storage as well as increase DB CPU usage during related operations such as deleting an artifact. Thus, we recommend disabling this feature in case this feature is not in use.
To verify if this feature is being used in your organization, you can examine the Artifactory request log and search for requests to the following paths:


These will indicate this feature is being used, and what is the origin of the request.
To disable archive indexing for a specific file type, use the following instruction.
Disabling the Archive Indexing